Cerebrovascular Disease and Stroke

Cerebrovascular stroke requires prompt care and treatment for the best long-term outcomes. Dr. Garner has performed many types of neurological surgery and can help in every unique circumstance.

Urgent Care

Our team offers prompt and timely care and treatment of various neurological conditions. We talk about options and help make a medical care plan to help achieve your goals.

Treatments for Vertebral Tumor

Dr. Garner specializes in head and neck disorders.

Who We Serve
Our team works with patients of all ages and stages of the disease.
Partner With Our Office
We help improve patient outcomes with comprehensive care.
Custom Care Plan
Personalized treatment plans use the latest methods.

Work with our Vascular Neurologist

Dr. Hart Garner sees many types of neurological patients. He specializes in surgical treatment to provide pain relief and address symptoms of conditions like cerebrovascular disease stroke. Dr. Garner helps treat, manage, and prevent cardiovascular disease, such as stroke. Our team helps to prevent and treat hemorrhagic strokes and ischemic strokes.

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